Attention to Detail Custom Metal Fabrication, LLC.
James O'Neil

Auto & Hot Rod

James’ drive to work with metal and fabricate custom objects originated from a passion for cars and hot rodding.  James has trained and worked for several years in the auto body industry.  After becoming a master auto body technician, he began working for himself.  He believes that the way to a perfect, show quality finish is by starting with good metal work.  Once the metal is as perfect as possible, body work begins.  Paint work does not begin until the body work has been checked multiple times for straightness. The result is a flawless finish.  James takes on a select few high end body and paint projects each year- from stock restorations, to serious hot rod and customs with in depth body modifications and complicated paint jobs.  James prides himself in his ability to execute with perfection all aspects of the hot rod fabrication and customization process. This is a one stop shop, a true custom shop.

Check out the events tab to see James' schedule for car shows.

Examples of Hot Rod/Auto Work:
  • Guaranteed Straight Body Work
  • Custom Paint
  • Panel Fabrication/Alteration
  • Custom Interiors
  • Smooth Engine Bays
  • Header/Exhaust Fabrication
Awards and Recognition: 1969 Custom Corvette
  • 2008 Top 75 East Coast Indoor National Car Show
  • 2012 Back to the Beach - Sponsor Pick Award
  • 2012 Top 75 East Coast Indoor National Car Show
  • 2012 Young Street Rodder Award - 2012 East Coast Indoor Car Show
Because every detail counts.

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